was born at the end of 2017 from the idea of Alessio Mattia Ferrara with the meeting of Emiliano Vittoriosi, the project was born in a period of personal and photographic research in the streets of Berlin. We decided to open social channels where we could share these daily adventures, there were many ideas day after day, but everything was a dispassionate action, so we thought of a name that reflected mainly our roots in the south, deciding to call the project "Berlinecore" (Berlin with heart). This project allowed us to devote part of our time to sharing not only one passion but many others, photography, writing, research, public initiatives, relations and many others, the initial idea was to share a common passion and make it become something bigger. At the end of 2018 came the lighting, that of forging collaborations around the world and being able to make a tour of all cities bringing our experiences and knowledge to the reach of many, including workshops, courses and workshops.

Our meetings, recall our spirit of sharing, but especially of research, we think that it is a great step for us to be able to appear in the stories of other people, especially those who aspire to make their photos a work of life. We think that the first big step for culture is to investigate and outline some very important points that are very often ignored or neglected in the visual arts.

We think that the first opportunity should be within everyone's reach to decide to create free introductory seminar lessons in all the places where we land.



Born in Palermo in 1984, he lived the first years of his adolescence in a social and historical context in which Sicily was experiencing a worrying imbalance between the Mafia and the Italian State.

The memories that remained most impressed in that period are,

the fear of his mother for the attacks during which she accompanied him to school, walking along those beautiful streets and those fragrant frangipani in bloom, everything could make you think of those colors and smells, except that, a mafia war, also the memory of the two parish priests in the neighborhood including the first was killed by the mafia, the second was arrested for collaboration with the local underworld.

He has always lived in this dualism made of good and evil, which has become part of his reality and therefore of his interesting imagination, first in his neighborhood in Palermo, then further and further away to Berlin, where, now as an adult he transported him to passionately search for Anthropology and Sociology, from which he was able to determine the best behaviors that are part of his culture and others.

His photographic research is based on the relationship between the physical studio within the socio-anthropological-media studio, as well as fixed on the surface of the sensor or typically film of a camera. Street photography is what we could say to be more tied to his modus operandi and experiential, but I think it is not the only way that he goes as a photographer, given his deep interest in astral and logical materials, and the interelational relationship, of which he is always adventure among the many stories. He founded Berlinecore in 2017, to which he works constantly.



Emiliano Vittoriosi was born in 1990 in a small town near Naples.

He is an emerging photographer currently living in Parma, Italy. Italian grown up in a fraction of Naples, allowed him to give vent to photographic research and beyond. He studied artistic techniques from a very young age, with photography can carve out a collection of elements and experiences. He studied photography as a self-taught, experimenting and working as a photographer in various fields. In 2011 he attended the Academy of Fine Arts in Naples in the course of New Technologies of Art. In 2015/16 he acquired experience and technique in editing attending the Master Shooting From Inside with Lina Pallotta. Already passionate about the binding and creation of art objects, he participated in the workshop with Michela Palermo, Openspine in Rome for the event of the Funzilla Festival. His work is based on research and reuse of the same images, in order to analyze multiple solutions and facets of personal life and beyond. In 2016 he moved to Berlin, where he acquired an avalanche of experiences from the linguistic to those related to the use of iconography. He currently attends the University of Parma in the course of Contemporary Communication and Media for the creative industries. He is involved in two projects, the one he has coordinated and created Kaktusbooks for independent publishing and Berlinecore, with which he applies his job as a tutor and teaches between workshops and socio-cultural works.



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